How to apply?

ShadowSense, like LipSense, was invented by a Woman for Women to make them feel attractive and confident with reliable long lasting make-up. Make-up without any surprises allows you to focus only on your own activities. ShadowSense means that every day for many hours Women feel comfortable: at work, at a party, at home, at the gym, in the pool and during important events.

ShadowSense do not smear off, do not transfer to another place, is waterproof. It is a 100% natural and vegan product, produced in the United States and is available in over 20 colors.

ShadowSense perfectly spreads on the skin, they can be mixed and at the same time remain in a perfect condition for many hours, guaranteeing that women remain with a perfect make-up all the time.

An additional ShadowSense phenomenon is its multitasking role in the make-up of the entire face. Because it's not just eye shadows!
Shadowsense is multitasking in the make-up of the entire face. In the film shown below, it will fulfill 14 tasks:

The Many Uses of ShadowSense

ShadowSense’s unique formula allows you to create a range of different eye makeup looks, for example:use a single shade all over the lid and crease for a simple, subtle lookuse a combination of shades on the lid, crease, and outer-v for a more definitionlayer the shadowsmix different shades together to create custom onesuse them as eyelinerYou can also use ShadowSense on other areas of the face too…use the neutral taupe/brown/red/grey shades to fill in the eyebrowsuse the lighter pink/rose/purple/berry shades as blushuse lighter colors as concealer or highlighters (like Candlelight or Sandstone Pearl)use the dark mattes shades to contour the cheekboneslayer them with LipSense lip colors to make completely custom colors  

How to Apply ShadowSense

According to Senegence, if you’re using ShadowSense as eyeshadow, they should be applied ‘gently blending with a sponge tip or eye brush applicator’. However, I find the fingers work just as well for both an all-over-the-lid application, and even blending. I’ll simply dab the applicator brush directly on my lid, then lightly smooth it out with my finger. Then I’ll pat/gently swipe my finger in the crease to blend it out.

To apply ShadowSense as an eyeliner, I’ll grab a slanted eye brush and dab it on the wand tip to pick up some pigment. Then I’ll use the brush to draw a clean line on my upper lash line. To smoke out the lower lash line, I’ll use a smudge brush.

As a blush, highlight, or contour, I’d recommend using a synthetic duo-fibre makeup brush, or your fingers (experiment a bit to see what works best for you). As a lipcolor, they can be applied directly to your lips using the brush wand. Or, use your fingers to dab them on.

According to Senegence, ShadowSense shades are removed by using liquid Fooops!® SenseCosmetics Color Remover, however this is in not only way required. I find that about 80-90% washes away just using a basic oil cleanser.

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